Web Database

Web Database

A web database serves to manage and store your vital information on a secure online server.

A web database serves to manage and store your vital information on a secure online server. The kinds of information a company can store include: company contracts, customer finances, employee reviews, product catalogs, campaign statistics, event calendars, and directory management. Today’s biggest brands are switching to online databases due to their level of security and easy manipulation and management. The kind of database you require depends on the level and type of information you wish to store. A professional database management team takes control of your system and works to prevent unforeseen disasters from interrupting your workflow.

Thotcode hosts a team of skilled database experts who use their knowledge of the web to guide you through this whole process. They help you take the right decisions and provide professional consultancy to help you save money on these systems. Automate your work life and enjoy a breath of relief as Thotcode handles the online management of your business needs. That’s what we’re here to do! For more info, call or email us today.

  • MySQL

    MySQL is a PHP based database that’s most commonly used worldwide. With its user friendly interface, amateurs and professionals both can use it with relative ease. It also provides the options of adding third party tools to the database, which increase the versatile functionality of your system. To know how MySQL servers work and how they can help you manage your business, consult with Thotcode experts today.

  • Couchbase

    If you belong to those who wish to cross the boundaries of SQL servers, Couchbase development is the answer to your needs. With features like data streams for real time analytics. Couchbase database servers provide a safe pathway for your digital storage across multiple connected devices. If networking and organization is important to your business needs. Thotcode’s custom Couchbase database is the way to go.


    More secure and versatile than its previous counterpart, MSSQL database provides the user with better features that increase ease of use. Platform agnostic and Microsoft compatible, MSSQL server databases help businesses keep their information secure and manage it on the go. Its inbred capability to analyse and store information intelligently makes MSSQL a handy tool for large and small businesses alike. If this answers your questions. develop an MSSQL server database with Thotcode right away.

  • MongoDB

    Another NoSQL database, Mongo is a JavaScript based server which is used by big companies like Intuit, eBay, Forbes, and Foursquare. Its JS based query DSL makes it a useful and powerful asset for businesses that require quick extraction and deposition of their data over various platforms and systems. Does this still seem confusing? Talk to our database experts to get a professional opinion.


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