Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

The more complex a website gets, the harder it is to maintain. Facilities like Content Management System help a website owner manage his/her website.

When it comes to websites, you want your visitors to have the best user experience. Some features on the web page might appear better on a desktop rather than a smartphone, or vice versa. Responsive web design aims to bridge that gap. When your website is responsive, that means it’s correctly displayed and functional over cross platforms such as computers, tablets, smartphones and laptops.

At Thotcode, we know that your website is worth more than just visual appeal. We design custom websites that improve usability so that your site visitor exits your page as a potential customer. We focus on important features like page load time, continuous scrolling, unbroken form submissions, etc. within the website. All of this combines to create a great user experience. Transform the way your customers know you, Drop us an email to get started.

  • Smart Phones

    As we venture further into this technological millennium, our need to stay updated takes the front seat. Smartphones are the leading form of communication in this era, and to succeed as a digital marketeer, your business must have a strategy to bridge the gap between you and the millions of smartphone users that you haven’t reached yet. Thotcode’s responsive websites work seamlessly on all smartphone platforms, be it iOS, Android or Windows mobile. Enhance your visitor’s browsing experience with our superb web design.

  • Tablets

    Tablet website design works differently on different operating systems. Web programmers must be smart enough to create responsive websites that can face the different challenges faced by each OS, be it Android, Windows or iOS. Thotcode developers design websites that capture the customer’s attention AND function properly across all devices.


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We believe in proving our clients the best of what they deserve. Our proper quality management is checked upon on every phase of your project. We have a diverse team of programmers who share an obsession with consumer understandings and the power of making things DONE.


To get a start, we do brainstorming and work out a complete strategy for our clients' apps, games or website projects.


After brainstorming and finalizing the strategy, our team of skilled designers makes a seamless design for you.


Our smart Quality Assurance teams deeply delve your projects so that we can deliver every project with precision.


We design and develop your projects by maintaining high quality that helps in your business' success and growth.

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  • Mobile apps were never my forte- until I met Thotcode! I required a game app for iOS and their developers were efficient enough to design exactly what I had in mind. I was hesitant about the results, but they gave attention to detail and met my standards perfectly. Their managers and tech staff are also very responsive. Highly recommended!

  • I hired Thotcode for my company’s digital marketing around a year back, and I’m very happy with the results. I absolutely love the way Thotcode approached my issue with a clear head and gave me helpful marketing advice along the way. They always focus on the details and keep me and my business up to date with the latest trends. Their services are excellent and I hope to see them succeed in their endeavours. I’m a customer for life!

  • Hats off to the masterminds at Thotcode! I’m so grateful to them for giving my business a stunning makeover. My website needed an entire redesign, and I had many crucial requirements that could not be ignored. The Thotcode team took my ideas and came up with creative strategies to answer my problem. With smooth usability on mobiles and desktops, my website’s never been the same!

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