Frontend development

Frontend Development

When it comes to web development, backend development essentially constructs the framework of code that a website stands upon, while frontend development creates the face of the site.

When it comes to web development, backend development mostly constructs the framework of code that a website stands upon, while frontend development creates the face of the site. An ideal frontend developer translates all those long hours of programming into a beautiful exterior while maintaining the functionality of the site. It requires a lot of expertise to create a custom web design that fulfills the client’s demands and completes the user experience.

In order to build a beautiful and functional website, frontend developers expertly manipulate scripts and languages to design appropriate page layouts, site logos, colors and fonts which show on the web page.

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  • HTML5

    Especially designed for cross platform applications, Hypertext Markup Language version 5(or HTML5 for short) is the newest version of HTML that runs on all devices seamlessly and is both human and computer friendly. It allows logical operation of the webpage via specific lines of code preset by the web programmer. Flexible and responsive on iOS and Android devices, HTML5 is every programmer and user’s dream language.

  • Jquery

    Jquery is a Java based web language that’s taking the tech world by storm. Smartphone friendly and responsive across multiple platforms, Jquery websites are a popular favorite as they do not require additional softwares in order to operate on a device. Even though it demands less coding by the developer, the resulting site is highly functional and quick to use. Plus, Java plugins and softwares can compatibly be installed within the website. Thotcode hosts a team of Jquery experts who know the system like the back of their hand. If you are in need of assistance in this area, they are always happy to help.

  • Foundation

    Coming forth as a revolutionary web technology, Foundation helps the programmer and the user by lowering page load times to a significant extent. It allows the user to browse the site without interruption and enables smooth animations and transitions on different devices. Multiple features can be introduced to the website, such as chatting options and integration with email and such. Learn more by contacting us today!

  • Node.JS

    If you want to build a real time web application like an online poll or a live chat window within your website, Node.JS development is something you should be focused on. Using the Google vs JavaScript engine, it initiates the code that sets its framework. It functions on multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, FreeBSD etc. Node.JS web development is a solid web development technology, and luckily, we have the professionals ready to do it for you.

  • CSS3

    If you’re looking for a way to manage/edit your website easily, CSS3 is a smart route to follow. It uses cascading style sheets(CSS) in order to instruct the page to display specific features on the page. It oversees the design, colors and fonts and enables the site owner to visually edit the pages just by changing a few lines of code. Another functional feature of CSS3 is the option to view the site differently on different platforms, i.e. mobile screens and desktops will have a different viewing of the same webpage. This enhances the visitor’s experience and satisfies the customer.

  • Bootstrap

    Bootstrap is a complex framework which amalgamates the web elements of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a refined website that allows cross platform compatibility. Due to its combined nature, Bootstrap is able to install the extensions and plugins already compatible with the three languages, e.g. JavaScript softwares can be installed within the website. The website runs smoothly across all modern browsers(Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera).and offers seamless functionality on multiple devices.

  • AngularJS

    AngularJS is a Google driven open source web application framework based in JavaScript. Aimed at developing responsive websites, AngularJS functions by reading the HTML and tag attributes of the concerned webpage to perform their programmed function. It is especially fitting for single page web applications due to its coding and structure. Optimum for cross platform functionality and browser agnostic, AngularJS is a new developer favorite.

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