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When it comes to digital marketing, using social media for brand promotion is a no brainer. However, with the right experts guiding you, social media can make you excel at brand marketing. A Social Media Marketing Agency takes your ideas and puts their acumen to the test and converts your dreams into a reality. At Thotcode, we rely on professional insight and market trends to make our clients succeed. We create online marketing campaigns that speak to you as a brand. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google, or even YouTube, we use our customers’ uniqueness to promote their brand in ways that suit their business style.

No matter how big or small, quiet or bold your requests are, we can work with them to form social media campaigns that make sure your name is remembered for years to come. Product launches, new updates, and one on one interaction with customers- no other platform can provide versatility of this magnitude. Our social media consultants are always ready to answer your queries and navigate you in this area. To know how social media can make wonders happen for your business, contact us today.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration amalgamates two or more facets of your online presence. It may be Facebook integration on your website via a button Twitter integration on an app for a particular event, or customized social media integration options on any other software that redirect the user to your relevant page/app. Learn more about how social media can benefit your marketing style today.

Creative Campaign Ideas

With so much responsibilities on their plate, business owners seldom get a chance to execute all their brilliant ideas for social media. Luckily, with a SMM agency, you have all the time you need. We keep an eye on what’s trending, and use our observations to generate creative ideas that help you with your marketing campaigns. Whether it’s email marketing campaigns or Twitter hashtags you need help with, Thotcode marketeers are available all the time.

Product Launch

Contrary to mainstream knowledge, Facebook and Twitter are not only useful for brand promotion. Over the years, social media has proven to be a wildly popular choice for product launches and announcements. With millions of social media users inches within your grasp, you need to come up with fun and innovative ideas to spread the word about your brand and your products. Thotcode closes that gap and helps you convert those virtual likes into real customers in no time. Learn more by consulting us today.

Facebook Marketing

To prevent your business from missing out on the masses, you have to turn to Facebook marketing at some point. Paid Facebook marketing has proven to be a cost effective, yet satisfying technique of brand advertising. With various campaigns specified according to location, population and other factors, Thotcode can help you connect with your target audience from the comfort of your home.

Twitter Marketing

Like other social platforms, Twitter gives you full access to uncountable potential customers that will definitely show an interest in your business. But the hardest part is how to gain that loyal fan base. With Thotcode’s ingenious Twitter tactics, your brand can be exposed to millions of users and generate positive results. Let us handle the reins of Twitter marketing, we’ve got you covered.


We believe in proving our clients the best of what they deserve. Our proper quality management is checked upon on every phase of your project. We have a diverse team of programmers who share an obsession with consumer understandings and the power of making things DONE.


To get a start, we do brainstorming and work out a complete strategy for our clients' apps, games or website projects.


After brainstorming and finalizing the strategy, our team of skilled designers makes a seamless design for you.


Our smart Quality Assurance teams deeply delve your projects so that we can deliver every project with precision.


We design and develop your projects by maintaining high quality that helps in your business' success and growth.

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