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Building a website alone doesn’t mean you will start getting orders the very next day. For proper advertisement, you need more than free brand promotion.

Building a website alone doesn’t mean you will start getting orders the very next day. For proper advertisement, you need more than free brand promotion. SEO marketing campaigns introduce you to a bigger market, be it local or global. A good SEO company does more than put generic keywords in your web content- it focuses on all the on page and off page factors that affect your brand advertisement. Thotcode SEO professionals use only White Hat SEO techniques that don’t get you blacklisted.

We spend long hours of research on each individual client and the competitive market to come up with the right tactics to proceed in this direction. Invest in a good SEO campaign and you have loyal visitors for years. The best way you can make that happen is with Thotcode by your side, so call us today!

  • On Page Optimization

    On-page optimization services include any factors that influence your website’s listing in organic (aka natural) search results so it’s search engine friendly. An on page optimization company makes sure the written content is optimized with keywords that are relevant and contain the proper density (amount of keywords). It also involves looking at problematic areas / elements and making sure changes are up to standards, which can include fixing bad / broken links, creating easier navigation, etc. The right on-page optimization does more than just attract search engines though – it attracts and retains visitors so they become customers.

    On page optimization ensures that your webpage is saturated with relevant keywords that show up in organic searches. This requires extensive research about the keywords and the competition, but usually garners positive results. It

  • Website Audit

    Web audit services can include a website SEO analysis (making sure you’re using the best SEO practices possible). However, it can include other factors like finding and resolving internal website issues that result in negative SEO results. This can include bad links, Meta use, etc. A Competitor/ Industry Analysis can also help. It’s essentially a report compiled to learn about your business while also uncovering your competitors and target audience. By examining what your competition is doing you can have a marketing edge.

  • Off Page Optimization

    Any off page optimization company examines search engine optimization factors that aren’t on your website. Off page optimization services often include social media and/or methods of link building. This could mean guest blogging, forum postings, submitting your URL to search engines and directories, link exchanges, articles and press releases. Photo sharing on sites like Flickr or videos on YouTube are also off page optimization techniques that are sometimes explored. Each business is unique though, so after examining your particular market trends / competition, we can formulate a plan that’s perfect for your business model.


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We believe in proving our clients the best of what they deserve. Our proper quality management is checked upon on every phase of your project. We have a diverse team of programmers who share an obsession with consumer understandings and the power of making things DONE.


Our smart Quality Assurance teams deeply delve your projects so that we can deliver every project with precision.


We design and develop your projects by maintaining high quality that helps in your business' success and growth.


To get a start, we do brainstorming and work out a complete strategy for our clients' apps, games or website projects.


After brainstorming and finalizing the strategy, our team of skilled designers makes a seamless design for you.

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  • Mobile apps were never my forte- until I met Thotcode! I required a game app for iOS and their developers were efficient enough to design exactly what I had in mind. I was hesitant about the results, but they gave attention to detail and met my standards perfectly. Their managers and tech staff are also very responsive. Highly recommended!

  • I hired Thotcode for my company’s digital marketing around a year back, and I’m very happy with the results. I absolutely love the way Thotcode approached my issue with a clear head and gave me helpful marketing advice along the way. They always focus on the details and keep me and my business up to date with the latest trends. Their services are excellent and I hope to see them succeed in their endeavours. I’m a customer for life!

  • Hats off to the masterminds at Thotcode! I’m so grateful to them for giving my business a stunning makeover. My website needed an entire redesign, and I had many crucial requirements that could not be ignored. The Thotcode team took my ideas and came up with creative strategies to answer my problem. With smooth usability on mobiles and desktops, my website’s never been the same!

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