Pay Per Click (PPC)

Online paid marketing campaigns involve SEO and PPC ads for brand promotion. The former depend on generic and organic searches while the latter involves pay per click ads in response to keyword bidding.

Online paid marketing campaigns involve SEO and PPC ads for brand promotion. The former depend on generic and organic searches while the latter involves pay per click ads in response to keyword bidding. With pay-per-click ads, you only pay for the times a visitor has been redirected to your website through an advertisement. When done correctly, PPC campaigns generate more results than offline marketing methods.

We have worked with businesses with and without investing in paid marketing, and the differences in their revenue are phenomenal. Think of it this way; the only investment you make will be for sure fire results. And when you have experts to guide you through every step, why hesitate? With Thotcode’s professional approach to this market, you can get maximum ROI when your visitors leave your website as sold customers. Whether you’re an amateur or have some experience in this field, we can help drive results to your business.

  • Google Adwords Management

    Google Adwords are the first and most important stepping stone in the world of paid advertisement. In these campaigns, you bid on keywords related to your field, and when a user searches a related topic on Google, your advertisement props up on the side of their screen. If your campaign is strong and the keywords are maneuvered tactically, you can leave with a lot of profit. The better your ad, the higher your search engine rank. It sounds like a no brainer, but it’s a competitive arena, and businesses spend a lot of money bidding on keywords to secure high search engine rankings. Work with Thotcode and we’ll consult you in the right direction.

  • Paid Social Media Marketing

    Social media is a driving force for many businesses’ success- but the key is knowing how to get there. With paid Facebook and Twitter ads, you can quite literally reach millions through your screen. You can customize your ads according to your target audience and location, and also specify keywords that are relevant to your business. Create solid Social Media Marketing with our professionals and watch the numbers roll in,

  • Remarketing

    Sometimes your visitors may not need to buy something from you right away, and that’s alright. What’s important is that you are available when the need arises. With Remarketing campaigns, your previous site visitors can see customized ads according to their history on your website. Your ad reaches those visitors via Google Display Network or typical Google Search, enabling you to hook them in and turn them into customers.

  • Bing Adcenter Management

    Who says you have to only go big or go home? Ads of Bing search engines reach around 350 mlliion people, which is realistically a lot more visitors you could gain if compared with offline marketing. Bing Pay Per Click Ads attract a number of visitors to your site and garner significant results in cost effective means.

  • Display Network

    Display marketing is a specialized niche within Google Adwords campaigns where you pay to have your ad displayed on a website that shares something common with your website. For example, if you own a makeup store, your ad may appear on a beauty blog. Display marketing promotes brands through a web of association and networking. If this concept is new to you, ask us your questions right away.


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We believe in proving our clients the best of what they deserve. Our proper quality management is checked upon on every phase of your project. We have a diverse team of programmers who share an obsession with consumer understandings and the power of making things DONE.


Our smart Quality Assurance teams deeply delve your projects so that we can deliver every project with precision.


We design and develop your projects by maintaining high quality that helps in your business' success and growth.


To get a start, we do brainstorming and work out a complete strategy for our clients' apps, games or website projects.


After brainstorming and finalizing the strategy, our team of skilled designers makes a seamless design for you.

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  • Mobile apps were never my forte- until I met Thotcode! I required a game app for iOS and their developers were efficient enough to design exactly what I had in mind. I was hesitant about the results, but they gave attention to detail and met my standards perfectly. Their managers and tech staff are also very responsive. Highly recommended!

  • I hired Thotcode for my company’s digital marketing around a year back, and I’m very happy with the results. I absolutely love the way Thotcode approached my issue with a clear head and gave me helpful marketing advice along the way. They always focus on the details and keep me and my business up to date with the latest trends. Their services are excellent and I hope to see them succeed in their endeavours. I’m a customer for life!

  • Hats off to the masterminds at Thotcode! I’m so grateful to them for giving my business a stunning makeover. My website needed an entire redesign, and I had many crucial requirements that could not be ignored. The Thotcode team took my ideas and came up with creative strategies to answer my problem. With smooth usability on mobiles and desktops, my website’s never been the same!

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