Our Services

We are a corporate web design agency who are passionate with our pixels. We specialise in WordPress development

Our Services

Ever since monetization has taken the world by storm, businesses have found it harder and harder to promote their brand. One blessing of the present era is the all encompassing approach that vendors apply. You can find your website developer, logo designer, quality assurance team, and marketing gurus all under one roof.

While this concept sounds easy, few can adopt it completely. That’s where Thotcode comes in. We create a customized team for you according to your unique requirements. All team members work in synergy and communicate with you on a regular basis. The collective genius of these experts, combined with your powerful ideas, creates an unbreakable partnership that will boost your branding immensely. Browse through our services and contact us today!


Contrary to popular belief, branding is not only the face on top of the cover. For a modern business, it is that special ingredient that puts a smile on their customer’s face. Businesses go crazy trying to stand out, but luckily, now you don’t need to shout out loud to be heard. Thotcode offers specific branding solutions catered to your needs to put you on top of your competition.

Mobile apps

As the smartphone generation holds the reins of the world, you need to stay as updated as possible to keep up. Through our mobile friendly iOs, Android and Windows Mobile apps, you get exclusive access to millions of people by projecting your brand across their screens. Branding has never been easier!

Web Design

No matter how functional your website is, if it is lackluster in beauty, it’ll turn potential customers away. It’s as simple as that. Choose from hundreds of interactive web themes offered by Thotcode, and we’ll build you a premium website that’s beautiful AND functional across multiple platforms.

Web Development

To handle all operations quickly and smoothly, you need web development you can rely on. With useful tools like database engineering, content management system, payment gateway integration (in case of eCommerce), etc, our websites promise ease and comfort to you and the user.

Web Maintenance

Why waste your valuable time fretting about troubleshooting and website performance? Let Thotcode take charge of website maintenance while you concentrate on crucial tasks that make your business grow. With the advanced tools and techniques we use, you can be assured that your software is running smoothly.

Software Quality Assurance

To prevent your website from lethal damage, we run regular tests to ensure optimum website functionality. This includes testing critical web feature usability, website performance across multiple platforms, website integration and more. Sit back and let us worry about the bugs!

Web Hosting

Why hire a new company to handle domain and hosting issues? With Thotcode’s dedicated servers and shared and managed hosting services, you can save your precious time while we handle your hosting space for you. Plus, with our cost effective domain and hosting packages, you don’t even have to worry about overspending.