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MVP – A Reliable Direction towards a Successful Mobile App

No matter whether we believe that we acquire a great business idea, at some point we will be having second thoughts about the fate that lies after the mobile app is finally launched. And why not? Designing a competent mobile product is surely a challenge! In such a case, what do you think is the best choice to opt for?

The answer lies here; Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Nothing could be more enthralling than gaining a bulk of valuable insights which would optimize your product effectively and help you to sort out better design decisions. Yes, this is what MVP does! It provides you an opportunity to test your business concept efficiently and give you a grasp whether it resonates with your target market or not.


Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is designed to polish the products prior their inauguration in the market. Simply put, an MVP is an early version of the product which is used for testing its adequate built features whether it is viable/workable in the market. Following an MVP, the product developer can easily strip away all redundant features, leaving the essentials of the product.


Listed below are the good reasons why one should go for for MVP before the launch process of the product;


The key advantage an MVP holds is that you can test your sales and marketing by initially bringing your product in the market, giving you a clear notion about its traction. You have an excellent opportunity of testing your basic functions, business model assumptions, acquisition cost etc. This way you can have a chance to improve the weak spots of your functions that could possibly become problematic for your product post launch.


You have to define your value proposition once you decide to define your MVP. This way your vision is examined thoroughly and the core value is identified which you want to deliver to your customer. This stage helps in clearing your targets and giving you an idea about how to get best ROI.


Despite putting in lots of resources and conducting a thorough market research into effectual design, one could never have a surety about the outcome. It could all be wasted by just putting on assumptions. Here, MVP plays an effective role by offering enough to confirm your assumptions which inevitably reduces the cost of rework if you find it necessary.


With all the core features and functionalities, an MVP is released in the market allowing you to fabricate the first user base which will offer you multiple insights regarding the know-how about the main valuable additions. This data could be used effectively in the utmost development of the product, allowing you to allocate your resources at the best areas.


MVPs are a great source for creating a strong business case which could be demonstrated to the investors, exhibiting the marketing validity of the product. In this way the investors could learn effectively either the final product is worth the investment. The best part is your position in the market could be definitely strengthened with a tested MVP if funding is what you are looking for.

Grasping the significance of developing an MVP is not that hard! The reasons listed above would already have had made clear that why Minimum Viable Product is in your interest. Want to give it a try? Have a free consultation over your app idea with us!

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adminMVP – A Reliable Direction towards a Successful Mobile App
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Magento – Revolution of e-Commerce Sector

Most of the eCommerce and web development companies have an impression that building a secure online business with all the revenues pumping up without being concerned about the platform is an ambiguity to be conquered! However, it is just an impression, reality being far away from it! As, there is this Magento Web Development, an open source e-commerce platform which is mostly preferred by the ones who have done some critical analysis on how to simply lead an e-commerce or web development site successfully.

What could be more relaxing than sitting back and watching e-commerce merchants frequently preferring your shopping cart? Using Magento web development, this is what actually happens as Magento shopping carts are their first choice!

What does Magento Web Development have in store?

Having an impeccable functionality along with a powerful backend control is what makes Magento superior. However, you can pursue a mentor; an expert Magento developer to guide you all the way to a complete secured and efficient Magento website, personalizing it to a great extent. Such sites are primarily dominated by 3 kinds of extensions; the modules, the themes, and interfaces. As the platform unfolds itself, its salient aspects reveal which includes;

* 1000s of optional extensions for e-commerce vendors to select, resulting in the improved functionality of the site

* Products payment consolidation

* Catalog Administration

* Assistance in organizing product browse

* Order management

* Shipping order supervision

* Additional SEO Marketing virtues

How can I be spotlighted amongst fellow Magento users?

Now here comes a point! With thousands of people using Magento Web development, you can still outshine with a unique image by altering themes and sticking to a peculiar background so as to familiarize your potential online customers. Following their visits to your business website, a good number of potential customers can be converted into your ultimate buyer.

Enhancing one’s revenues and e-commerce productivity, Magento Web development is a great tool to utilize. Its vitality can be judged by its standing in several online e-commerce companies.

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adminMagento – Revolution of e-Commerce Sector
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A Drive Towards Technology Advancement

Within its short span of existence, Thotcode has achieved a milestone in its every endeavor, be it web designing, e-commerce management or mobile app development. We are determined to play our role for the corporates, SMEs and individuals, which is to make their virtual presence worth experiencing for their target audience.

How we do it? Let us share some insights;

What makes you stop and rethink your choices? In this contemporary age of technology, your answer must be the first image and online presence of the brand! Yes, an online presence is that important! So this is what we work for, and this is what Thotcode is all about!

When we talk about the online existence of a brand, there is an entire world behind it! Brand building, web design, web development, web maintenance, web hosting, digital marketing and mobile apps are an integral part of this world. As everything seems crude without some presentation and beautification, same is the case with this online existence. Unless your target audience does not find something alluring, you won’t be hitting any spotlight!

While living in a global village, you must not forget the fact that people these days crave for interaction everywhere! This is where a company should hit! It should engulf its audience in a never ending pool of dealings and connections. They should interact their customer in a way that they aren’t left with any other option except saying; “Wow, this is it!”

There’s a long list of such dos and don’ts! It is like a complete journey which a company has to make to ensure its positive image and branding. Nevertheless, with an all-encompassing approach, we are proud to offer our services all under one roof where we will be sitting on the driving seat, and you just have to enjoy the journey!

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adminA Drive Towards Technology Advancement
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Polaris; Paving the Way to Faster Web Browsing

No children have ever meddled with the Republican Party and lived to tell about it. The lesson is, never try. Oh, so they have Internet on computers now.

If you want to know how patient a person is, give them a slow internet connection. Frustrating as it can be for personal and work use, slow web browsing costs companies a considerable amount of damage in terms of profit. Fortunately, web innovations are sprouting up everyday, which means that our future generations may not have to wait as much as we do.

On March 9, 2016, the invention of Polaris was announced. Developed by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, Polaris is a system capable of lowering page load times by 34%. This news is especially exciting to web developers, who can see the application of new web technology changing the world before their eyes.

Technically, a website starts loading once the browser reads the URL from millions of web pages across the network and rushes to retrieve data from the relevant page. Each individual trip by the browser takes a certain amount of time, so rationally, the more complex a page gets, the number of trips for the browser increases correspondingly.

Polaris has achieved a never before seen feat. By automatically tracking the interactions between website variables, it creates a ‘dependency graph’, through which it can download the complex pages before the site has loaded, drastically reducing the time to be taken for the browser’s round trip; specifically, by 34%.

Compatible with all browsers, Polaris has entered the technology game with a powerful start. The developers’ team hopes to introduce further optimizations such as browser integration within the system soon.

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adminPolaris; Paving the Way to Faster Web Browsing
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‘Lookout’ for Your Phone by Playing Hot/Cold!

There’s good news for people who are always losing their phones. Mobile security company Lookout unleashed its new app on March 8, which helps iPhone users locate their phones via their Apple Watches.

The app connects the two devices via Bluetooth/Wifi and directs the user to the misplaced device by displaying a color change on a ‘distance visualization bar’ from red to green as you go closer. Alternatively, a loud scream is activated once you step into the range of the phone. If the phone is out of the Bluetooth’s range, the user is redirected to a map of the last known GPS location of the iPhone.

The Thotcode geeks obviously tested this app the first day it came out and they reported that it is, indeed an effective locator tool. The screams and buzzers are especially convenient for loud and crowded places, and the color change is plain entertaining to use.

Although long term usage may affect iPhone battery, this is a pretty practical tool for Apple users. The app can be downloaded on the Apple Store and synced to the Apple Watch.

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admin‘Lookout’ for Your Phone by Playing Hot/Cold!
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A Brief Guide to Not Failing at Facebook Marketing

Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals…except the weasel. You know, the one with all the well meaning rules that don't work out in real life, uh, Christianity.

Whether you own a small business or have an established name, when it comes to brand promotion, using Facebook is a no brainer.

With easy and cost effective campaigns, Facebook marketing conveniently opens a portal into a dynamic world of possibilities. But somehow, not many pages can pull of effective ad strategies. Luckily for you, we’ve nudged our marketing team to release some underrated strategies that’ll help you get started.

  • Prove you’re not a robot. Automated and generic posts are fine, but make sure that the content you share with your visitors genuinely represents you. Avoid clickbait as it only garners temporary results, and also annoys your fan base. Respond to comments, even the negative ones. This is how you interact with your fans and turn them into a loyal customer base.
  • Test out your fans’ interests by posting multiple types of content. Upload videos, create gifs, share articles; and then assess the hits and interactions each type of post gets. Keep working towards finding the perfect combination of content and ads that captures the user’s’ interest and portrays your brand image simultaneously.
  • ALWAYS double check before posting manually! Typos and broken links don’t sound very threatening, but these errors always register in the user’s mind and make you seem highly unprofessional.
  • Lastly, remember these three words: sharing is caring. Don’t be afraid to release minor secrets; sharing insider information will give your visitor a first hand experience in your shoes. This creates a friendly vibe and makes your fans recall your name with a happy afterthought.

We hope these nuggets of wisdom help you get on the track of marketing! For professional insight, call Thotcode today.

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adminA Brief Guide to Not Failing at Facebook Marketing
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